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Chinese Hydraulics & Pneumatics, founded in 1977 with support from Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry, is a scientific journal that is intended to communicate information and reflect trends referring to hydraulics and pneumatics. Its publications cover both basic and applied research focusing on new technology, new design, new equipment and new material, and also introduce the industrial information on products and enterprises. Engineering technicians are the primary audience for the journal, which is also widely popular with business managers and marketing staffs as well as teachers and students in universities and colleges.Chinese Hydraulics & Pneumatics publishes in China as well as abroad.
ISSN 1000-4858 CN 11-2059/TH
Postal Distributing Code: 2-828 Foreign Issuance Code: MO 81
Introduction of Representative Flow Oscillations and Experimental  Visualization Methods in Hydraulic Valves
LU Liang, HE Cheng-peng
Serious oscillating flow frequently occurs in hydraulic valve ports, which causes complex gasliquidsolid coupling excitation problems, such as cavitation, selfexcited oscillation and structural vibration. With the use of flow visualization experiment method, these phenomenons can be caught visually, which helps understand the physical nature of the phenomenon, reveal the internal mechanism of the problem, obtain the basis of modeling and put forward effective solutions. Based on the analysis of the experimental research progress for flow visualization in hydraulic valve port, this paper introduces the visual experimental methods of “watching”, “listening” and “acting” from a generalized view.
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The Development of Hydraulic Motor Automatic Driller null
Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Hydraulic Fluid Contamination Level Based on Entropy Weight Method null
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Numerical Study on Internal Flow Field of Cotton Picker Fan MUHETAER·Kelimu, WANG Chen, SUN Hai-xia, WANG Jian-tan
Research on the Potential Energy Regeneration and Utilization in Hydraulic Based on Balance Cylinder YE Yue-ying, LIN Tian-liang, REN Hao-ling
Analysis of Combined Sealing Structure of Rotary Vane Actuator WANG Jia-yi,HUO Liang-qing, ZHANG Qi-feng
A Novel Auxiliary Vest Powered by Pneumatic Muscle ZHANG Cheng-jiu, LI Xiao-ning
Research on Force Loading Tracking Control for Electro-hydraulic Hybrid Testing System Subject to Vibration and Force Loading Based on Feedforward Decoupling SONG Yong, SHEN Gang
Study of Materials for Piston Pairs of Water Hydraulic Piston Pump LI Dong-lin, FANG Meng-si, DENG Yi-pan, LIU Yin-shui, WU De-fa
Hydraulic Power Unit of Lower Limb Power Assisted Exoskeleton HE Jian, WANG Hai-bo, LI Xue-feng, XIA Xin
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